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Vendetta as Scrooge

Charlotte as Bob Crachit

Marion as Emily Crachit

Marvin as Peter Crachit

Grudge as Tiny Tim

Mort as Betina

Maggie as Belinda

Giant Kitty as Jacob Marley

Mr. Milk as The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Onion Man as The Ghost Of Christmas Present

Charlene as The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

Mr. Gumpit as Fred

Mrs. Minty as Fezziwig

Mrs. Millet as That Kid With The Prize Turkey

Smash as The Prize Turkey

Monkey Fiend and Fiends as Charity Men


Vendetta is walking down the street to her book factory. Then she is welcomed by Charlotte. "Merry Christmas!" she blurts out at Vendetta. Vendetta: "Who needs Christmas?" Mr. Gumpit comes in to the shop. "Merry Christmas!" Vendetta: "AARGH!!!!!! This is book making, not Christmas!" Then she sees Giant Cat in her room. She hides. Then she sees Mr. Milk in a green and white outline. He takes her to see Mrs. Minty's house party. Her slumber party menu has chicken, salad, popcorn and milk. The band (Squid on harmonica, Frog on triangle, Big Bunny on mandolin and A Muffin on sax.) performs. Then she sees Onion Man same as Mr. Milk. She says "I would never go to the present! We are in the present!" Then she goes to the house of Charlotte, Mort, Marion, Grudge, Marvin and Maggie. Then she sees a really Grim Reaper-ish Charlene. She takes them to the future, where Charlotte is happy, not sad. Then she wakes up cheery for the finale and says Merry Christmas.