• Potterfan1997

    So, we've recently got ourselves a lovely little meme troll. I contacted the wikia staff to see if they could do anything and they suggested two things. 

    1) Continue banning the AUs, but making sure that nothing is said apart from the default "blocked for spamming", etc. Also, when she just posts a comment, don't respond to it, just delete it. This usually works for the more persistant trolls.

    2) If she still continues, we can consider a temporary AU edit ban. This would allows AUs to visit the site, but not edit in any way. Obviously, I think we'd all rather this doesn't happen, but it's there if we need it.

    So yeah, just letting you guys know~

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  • Holhol1235

    Mafia HQ

    August 6, 2013 by Holhol1235

    Joey, Sumo, Matt, and Gemma. Discuss here!

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  • Holhol1235

    So they are a problem. What to do?

    It's obvious they are the same user - they've left evidence supporting this. Not to mention they've been harassing users none stop. More importantly, they don't like me. If you leave a warning on their talk page, they ignore it. So do we need to take higher action?

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  • Dentface

    Sangria Anyone?

    May 28, 2012 by Dentface

    So..... I guess we can use this blog to decide who's gonna be the next admin. :O

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  • Midnightblue05

    The Last Leaf

    May 24, 2011 by Midnightblue05

    Okay, so, this is for Hikari, Blanky, and I to discuss the placement of the competitiors in The Second Offical MySims Wiki Character Creaton Competition. So...let's discuss.

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  • BlankyXP

    As most of you should be aware, the recent "Darkrudie" impersonator was given the YouTube password by mistake. He posted a comment on another guy's channel with our password using our account on someone else's channel here...obviously, we'll need to change the password now. And I don't think we can remove that comment, can we...? I suppose there's nothing we can do about it.

    Um, so if you've been invited here, that means you're the most trustworthy users on teh Wiki. Like, the most, most trustworthy. Feel special. :B I think I'll only invite about like, 5 people...please don't invite anybody else on here.

    So uh...first of all, our current security question is very pathetic: "How many admins are there on the wiki?" Really, anybody could answe…

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  • Zordon123456789mlw7

    Welcome chosen ones. We 6 have been selected to discuss the secrets of our RP from the MySims Wiki.

    Things that we need to discuss here are (NOTE: This list will recieve more items and items which have been dealt with will be crossed off to avoid confusion):

    • The thief's identity
    • The thief's motive
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  • Zordon123456789mlw7

    MySims Wikians

    December 9, 2009 by Zordon123456789mlw7

    THis is the horrible ugly wikia.

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