The All-Species All Instrument Band is a big band of instruments used in jazz, reggae, zydeco, dixieland, swing, marching band, ragtime, country, brass band, soul, classical, lullabies, pop, metal, disco, island, techno, latin, french, japanese, salsa, rock n' roll, spanish, irish, german, fast, slow, high, low and movie music.


Mr. Rude on trumpet

Mr. Strong on maracas

Mr. Messy on mandolin

Little Miss Sunshine on bagpipes

Mr. Small on jug

Mr. Quiet on violin

Mr. Scatterbrain on bongos

Mr. Tall on sitar

Little Miss Chatterbox on banjo

Mr. Grumpy on organ

Phineas on squeezebox

Ferb on banjo

Candace on alto saxophone

Isabella on mouth harp

Perry on banjo

Doofenschmirtz on drums

Buford on piccolo

Baljeet on key boards

Jeremy on harp

Stacy on harmonica

Jenny on violin

Django on kettle-drums

Irving on clarinet

Albert on cymbols

Linda on keytar

Lawrence on triangle bell

Suzy on flute

Homestar on washboard

Strong Bad on sax

The Cheat on banjo

Strong Mad on electric bass

Strong Sad on oboe

Pom Pom on bassoon

Marzipan on flute

Coach Z on theremin

Bubs on keytar

The King Of Town on tabla

The Poopsmith on tuba

Homsar on string bass

The Knight on bass drum

The Blacksmith on vocals

The Hornblower on oboe

The Cleric on zither

The Little Chef Guy on spoons

Stinkoman on juice harp

Orange on trombone

Pear on floor tom

Midget Apple on trumpet

Marshmallow on pipe organ

Passion Fruit on washer and thumb

Grapefruit on vocals

Grandpa Lemon on sousaphone

Arthur on bongos

DW on harp

Buster on tuba

Binky on juice harp

Sue Ellen on clarinet

Francine on banjo

George on triangle bell

Sponge Bob on taiko drums

Patrick on tuba

Thomas on djembe

Percy on bongos

Gordon on woodblock

Henry on alto sax

James on concertina

Edward on flute

Toby on marimbaphone

Emily on pan drums

Alfie on explodaphone

Diesel 10 on Triangle Bell

Pinkie Pie on vocals

Vendetta on kazoo

Charlotte on viola

Theodore Tugboat on french horn

Hank on bongos

Foduck on magic pipe

George on swoopfoomer

Schemer on piano

Mr. Conductor on bagpipes

Jafar on violin

Iago on Explodaphone

Dipper on Maracas

Mabel on cello

Marion on double bass

Grudge on spoons

Buttons 2 on Tin Whistle

Grumpy, Doc and Happy on marimba

Troublesome Trucks on saxophones, violas and glockenspiels

Old Slow Coach on piano

Crazy Bus on bugle

Ms. Frizzle on swoopfoomer

Gobo on toy piano

Mokey on tenor saxophone

Wembley on bongos

Boober on french horn

Red on street organ

Uncle Matt on cello

Guysbourough as DJ

Music Composer (Sounds of Sodor) as conductor

Large Marvin on concertina

Pa Gorg on doorbell and car horn music machine

Ma Gorg on big bass drum

Junior Gorg as One-Man Band

Ten Cents on panpipes

Horrid Henry as DJ

Pingu on record player

Pinga as tap dancer

Little Cats on trumpets

Fireside Girls on banjos and trombones

Splatter and Dodge on viola and tenor horn

Skarloey, Rheneas and Peter Sam as jugband

Telly on tuba