The Making Fiends Band is a animatronic show that first debuted in Bagpiper of America.


Vendetta on kazoo, guitar and vocals

Charlotte on piano, tuba, accordion and vocals

Grudge on [[drums, saxaphone, tuba and vocals

Marion on triangle bell

Marvin on trumpet, keyboards and drums

Buttons on maracas, trombone and drums

Buttons 2 on trombone and vocals

Mr. Milk on cello and glockenspiel

Mrs. Minty on tabla, stand-up base and bells

Malachi on trombone

Maggie on violin, piano, guitar, french horn and xylophone

Mort on clarinet

Smash on cymbals

Charlene on vocals

Giant Kitty on kazoo, banjo, fi]]ddle/violin, vocals and bugle


Vendetta now plays the kazoo for the band of Clamburg. Then she hears the audience applauding. "And for the tuba, I will need a dumb but willing girl." They all point to Charlotte. "But I'm not dumb, I'm pretty!" The stupid blue girl got to the tuba. Then Grudge tries playing the drums. Grudge gets stuck in the faucet. Then Marion asks if she could play a triangle bell for the Making Fiends Band. The Making Fiends Band with Marvin on keyboards goes onto The Nicktoons Show. Then, they have a world tour of Pattycakeville. Then, Charlotte has her All-Species Glee Club. (A pig, a duck, a cow, two roosters, five turkeys, a wolf, birds, a human being, a gorilla, chickens, two shrimp, an alien, two robots, a monster and Marvin on violin.) They play "Sweet Adeline" on The Muppet Show. Then they see Marvin's cousin, The Bagpiper of America. Then they are covered in fans of them. they are a refitted vershon of the BFDI band

prop animatronicsEdit

moon (same as in the bfdi show)



grudge JR.