The Pop Culture Marching Society is a marching band.


Mario on tuba

Luigi on clarinet

Peach on symbals

Bowser on flute

Wario on piccolo

Waluigi on saxophone

Yoshi on snare drum

Sonic on accordion

Tails on glockenspiel

Knuckles on fife

Amy on bass drum

Omega on trombone

Kirby on cymbals

King Dedede on saxophone

Meta Knight on bassoon

Pikachu on oboe

Ash Ketchum on bass drum

Pac Man as Drum Major

Pichu on mellophone

Rocket the Sloth on saxophone

Mickey Mouse on sax

Minnie Mouse on cymbols

Donald Duck on sousaphone

Daisy Duck on contrabassoon

Oscar the Grouch on trombone

Miss Piggy on snare drum

Grumpy Bear as flag twirler

Captain Planet on trumpet

Spongebob on clarinet

Squidward on saxaphone