• Charlotte, Marvin, Marion, and Ruby as the Three Little Pigs
  • Vendetta (with Grudge and an electric fan fiend) as the Big Bad Wolf
  • teardrop as herself
  • puffball as the flying pony
  • david and dora as minkos
  • pin as the needy caller
  • needle as the slapper


  • (Scene opens up showing Charlotte, Marvin and Marion.)
  • Charlotte: (hums "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?")
  • Marion: What are you doing, Charlotte?
  • Charlotte: I'm thinking.
  • Marion: About what?
  • Charlotte: About what we should do today. Ooh! Why don't we build motor homes? I'll build mine out of straw! (Charlotte walks off)
  • Marvin: I'll build mine out of sticks! (Marvin walks off)
  • Marion: I guess I'll build mine out of bricks. (Marion walks off)
  • (Cuts to Vendetta looking through a telescope. Grudge is behind her.)
  • Vendetta: So, they're going to build motor homes? Well, I know what to do! I will huff, and I will puff, and I will blow their little houses down! Hamster! (Grudge grunts) Go make a fiend that will destroy their tiny little houses!
  • (Cuts to davidland)
  • vendetta: puffbaaaaaaaaaaalllllll
  • puffball: what?
  • vendetta: we can eat these piggies up
  • (cuts to yoyleland)
  • david: aw seriously
  • dora: no no no no. i hate exploring yoyleland
  • teardrop: nolem a stnaw ohw
  • pin: hola needy
  • needle: no me llames mas necesitados

part 2Edit

  • vendetta: davidland? help! 
  • pin speeker box: ufildhndiofrnhobfgdikfoknvhgtf.
  • vendetta: no. it's 66 sides.
  • pin speaker box: the fan fiend has to 66 sides and 88 tracks. aw seriously.
  • needle speaker box: get to 66 sides.
  • (cuts to the feild)
  • ruby: hello Charlotte. i'm Ruby.
  • charlotte: yay. a object pig.