Toons Kids Club JugBand is a parody of Raggs.


Mr. Grumpy as is, classified with music. He loves rain. He really dazzles with the jug, washboard, or even helps Mr. Rude with the spoons! He dressed up as a Muppet for Halloween!

Mr. Rude is a miser (heat, to be precise) and he's his own worst enemy, next to Homestar and Candace's banjo??? He plays the mandolin, fiddle and stovepipe, but is mostly found clinking two spoons.

Homestar Runner as is, a snowmiser. He and Mr. Grumpy sing the song "Bow To Yer Pardner" in 2009. Mr. Rude says he plays the fiddle, stovepipe, washtub bass, banjo, kazoo, jug, mouth harp, washboard, harmonica and cigar box banjo, thus himself.

Candace Flynn plays the banjo, jug, spoons and fiddle for the jugband. She rides a bicycle most of the time and plays the washboard as well.

Phineas and Ferb play the jug, washboard and washtub. (Ferb plays washboard and harmonica).

They also love each other!

Perry the Platypus and SpongeBob were found outside of a concert door by Mr. Grumpy. He found out that it is a good addition to the band!